About Kingsford Miniatures

Hi and welcome to Kingsford Miniatures’ About Us page!

We started this venture in 2004 because we felt we could
bring a product that was equal to in quality and cheaper than
what was being offered by one of the largest miniature
companies in the world.  In contrast to other English
speaking countries, Canada does not have a strong base in
manufacturing miniatures.  There are just a handful of people
doing this type of work spread across one of the largest
countries in the world.  It took time but eventually we were
able make contacts with leaders of the industry and gained
advice from a myriad of miniature enthusiasts.  Through
others’ support and some luck we were able to find sculptors
and casters who would help us reach our goal.  As can be
seen with our latest range, the effort has been worth it!  

We have been verified members of Paypal since March 17,
2004 and have had an account with EBay for about just as
long under the seller name Kingsfordminiatures.

I hope you will get as much pleasure from painting and
wargaming with these figures as we have in getting them

Please feel free to contact us with your ideas, suggestions
and comments.


David and Tracy
Copyright Kingsford Miniatures 2006